Our First Three Months Vol 1: Collaborate & Showcase

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These first three months have been very eventful for us at afro.ditie! We've been pleasantly surprised by the love and support we've been blessed with, and the opportunities we've had to meet and collaborate with many inspiring people. We got to showcase afro.ditie at a concert, participate in our first (ever) fashion show, and had our official launch party!

We've been busy!!

This blog is the first of a three part series featuring three main highlights over the past three months. (yes, we know, a lot of 3's!!!)

In the spirit of DIY, we thought we'd have some fun with the footage from our first event and create a video! (hope you like it!) The video (below) features the dance group 'Immigrant Lessons' who brought our apparel to life on stage. Everyone was blown away by their high energy choreography to Afrobeats!

We were excited to collaborate with Immigrant Lessons because they share the same passion for celebrating cultural diversity as we do. Not to mention, they're extremely talented dancers and rad humans!!

We had this amazing opportunity to showcase afro.ditie thanks to Love Quest Krew inviting us to be a part of their #THATLOVE album release concert.

We highly suggest you checkout their music!

We hope you enjoy this little update and look forward to sharing more milestones with you along the way! 

Much love,




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