Our First Three Months Vol 2: Let's Go, Fashion Show!

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Creative. Diverse. Inspiring. Educational. Fun. The atmosphere was magic at University Fashion Week – SFU, being surrounded by emerging designers, models and students passionate about creative expression with a social conscience.

The focus of the 3-day event was ‘Strength in Cultural Diversity’, no we didn’t come up with the theme! But, it worked out nicely for us given the concept behind our brand.

Day 1 – Designer Panel: Speaking on the designer panel was exciting because we got to interact with the audience and learn about other local brands. It was fun to answer questions and share the vision for our brand, we were encouraged by the positive response we received!

Day 2 – Diversity & Social Advocacy Speakers: We enjoyed listening to the speakers raise awareness about ethics and cultural appropriation in fashion. All the speakers had passionate and engaging talks, but we’d say the main takeaway from the evening was that consumers and designers have a collective social responsibility to be mindful of the impact of their fashion decisions.

Day 3 – Fashion Show: Lights, Camera, Action! We finally got to see the models strut the runway in our designs! It was exhilarating to see the response of the audience to our clothing on the runway.

So, there you have it folks, a recap of our first fashion show! Hope to see you out at our next show, check out our events page for where we will be next!

See photos from the show here.

Shout out to everyone involved with University Fashion Week – SFU for their success in empowering grassroots designers, brands, and models to influence the creative culture. Check out their website.

Stay tuned for the final part of this blog series with highlights from our official launch party!

Much love,

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