Wazobia Warrior Wednesday - August 16, 2017

We're excited to kick off our 'Wazobia Warrior Wednesday' initiative today!!!!

Wazobia Warrior's message is an invitation to unite all people together to fight and advocate for love, peace and justice.

Throughout our initiative we will be highlighting perspectives from our Afroditie Tribe and hear how the Wazobia Warrior message resonates with them.

Meet Ramin Bahdadneya:

1 – How do you identify with the Wazobia Warrior message?

"As a person who comes from an interracial family, the message of unity and love is something vital to me. I have always been a person who is outspoken when it comes to promoting diversity, and in this way the 'Wazobia Warrior' message speaks to me."

2 – What does 'Strength in Diversity' mean to you?

"Strength in diversity' is the foundation of the country we live in. The best part of being a Canadian, is that the term is not exclusive. It applies to everyone who lives here. This is one of the most important reasons Canada continues to be a growing and prosperous nation"

3 – How do you think people can 'Come Together in Unity'?

"Very simply, by staying educated, and knowing no person is above another. To 'Come together in unity' one must know that equality is the most important message, and one that is often, and sadly neglected."

4 – Tell us about a time when you channeled your inner warrior in overcoming a life challenge?

"A period in my life bound me to the thought that the problems facing our world would never cease to be. A world where a police officer would shoot at an unarmed African American person, simply because of the colour of his/her skin. It led me to be a very pessimistic person. A message that lifted me above such thoughts was one of equality. Seeing people come together and peacefully fight for their right to be seen as human, is what gave me hope that our world will see better days. I believe that that is what being a 'Wazobia Warrior' means."

**If you're interested in contributing to this campaign please send us an email.


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