Wazobia Warrior Wednesday - August 23, 2017


Meet Edna Batty:

1 – How do you identify with the Wazobia Warrior message?

"I’ve always been a strong advocate for peace and love. With all the hardships and struggles of this world sometimes the only we can do is just love each other. It just makes this wild and crazy world a better place."

2 – What does 'Strength in Diversity' mean to you?

"Being a visible minority in Vancouver I now truly understand the meaning of strength in diversity. Being different and confidently showing it makes you such a strong person. Standing out isn't always easy but trust me it’s worth it, if it means you're being YOU."

3 – How do you think people can 'Come Together in Unity'?

"We can come together by paying less attentions to our differences and focusing more on what we have in common. We are all humans, we all hurt , we all feel and we can all love."

4 – Tell us about a time when you channeled your inner warrior in overcoming a life challenge?

"Leaving your home country to study abroad can be exciting yet oh so challenging. Cultural differences have been one of my biggest struggles. Sometimes people just get it, they just get YOU. And it makes me feel silenced or like I don't matter. I just learned to turn that anger and sadness into an opportunity to share cultural insight with others as well as being more open-minded. By sharing and embracing each others differences, you make a safe and loving space."

Wazobia Warrior's message is an invitation to unite all people together to fight and advocate for love, peace and justice.

Throughout our initiative we will be highlighting perspectives from our Afroditie Tribe and hear how the Wazobia Warrior message resonates with them.

**If you're interested in contributing to this campaign please send us an email.

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