Wazobia Warrior Wednesday - August 30, 2017

 Meet Sean Braacx:

1 – How do you identify with the Wazobia Warrior message?

"Every one of us has been created in God's image. When I truly see others this way, it is impossible not to love them."

2 – What does 'Strength in Diversity' mean to you?

"We all have unique skills, passions and experiences based on our life situation (nurture) and genetic makeup (nature). When we partner with others the sum is greater than the parts. We can see this in work when people with different backgrounds collaborate on a project, or in life when people in different situations (singles, couples, families) support each other through the ups and downs."

3 – How do you think people can 'Come Together in Unity'?

"I think the biggest impact is made through personal relationships, so living this out in our daily lives, showing love to others practically is the best way forward."

4 – Tell us about a time when you channeled your inner warrior in overcoming a life challenge?

"I don't actually think of myself as much of a warrior, but the closest would be the daily challenge of parenting."

Wazobia Warrior's message is an invitation to unite all people together to fight and advocate for love, peace and justice.

Throughout our initiative we will be highlighting perspectives from our Afroditie Tribe and hear how the Wazobia Warrior message resonates with them.

**If you're interested in contributing to this campaign please send us an email.

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