Wazobia Warrior Wednesday - September 6, 2017

Meet Menka Prasad:

1 – How do you identify with the Wazobia Warrior message?

"I think that this message is really who I am, especially because I was bullied my entire life and all I wanted was to be accepted and to be able to love myself. So promoting this not only helps me overcome my past, but also makes me a positive role model for all my little cousins and the youth I work with."

2 – What does 'Strength in Diversity' mean to you?

"It's means accepting and loving people and not judging people, but being open and trying new things and using everything you learn to become an open minded and well rounded person."

3 – How do you think people can 'Come Together in Unity'?

"I think I'd be really affective to change groups of people at a time because I know when I speak publicly I open a lot of people's eyes and that's a really magical thing and then you pass knowledge on for them to then share with others as well."

4 – Tell us about a time when you channeled your inner warrior in overcoming a life challenge?

"I straight up ignored what people would say and then I stood tall and I was proud of who I was and what I've done with my life and I showed everyone that I'm better than what you say because I'm standing tall with my head high and letting everything else fly past me."

**Wazobia Warrior's message is an invitation to unite all people together to fight and advocate for love, peace, and justice.

Throughout our initiative we will be highlighting perspectives from our Afroditie Tribe and hear how the Wazobia Warrior message resonates with them.

If you're interested in contributing please contact us at afroditie.com

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