Afro.ditie Creative was born from the desire to embrace and celebrate love, culture, beauty, and life. We are on a mission to bridge cultural gaps through fashion. 

In 2012, a Portu-Greek Canadian and globe-trotting Nigerian meet in Vancouver, BC, fall in love and get married. Our multicultural union has given us a unique opportunity to navigate through our cultural differences and discover our cultural similarities.

We desire to promote unity and spread positive messages through our apparel while impacting those in need. A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting a child's education in Nigeria (go to our 'Give Back' page for more information). 

The concept of our brand is a creative expression of our passion to celebrate cultural diversity, and our name afro.ditie embraces our African and European roots.

Drawing from our affinity for creativity, exploration, fun, and entrepreneurial spirit, our apparel is a fusion of traditional West African prints with semi-casual accessories and street wear. We source our textiles locally and abroad, while providing an opportunity for collaboration between artisans in Nigeria and Canada.

We invite you to join us on this adventure!