More than a Clothing Label "brand"

For our first blog post, we thought it would be fitting (pardon the pun) to highlight the importance of identity.

As humans, we have an innate desire to know our origin, and being in touch with one’s cultural identity is important. DNA tests and the likes are popular, as people are on a quest to find their roots. When we are not in touch with our heritage it is easy to feel lost and confused. We believe that being in touch with one’s identity is essential in shaping how we live and interact with others.

This brand has been a long time coming, and it all came to life during our trip to Africa (pun intended). We went to Nigeria a few months back to celebrate Ayo’s grandma’s 80th birthday (Bless her!). He hadn’t been back to his original home for 17 years!! A long time to be gone from home, right?! (we’ll save the details on the many revelations for a future blogs #staytuned). During our time in Lagos and Ibadan, we were inspired by the energy, creativity, work ethic, passion and pride of the people. It was a significant experience for Ayo to get in touch with his history and remember where he came from. He felt a sense of pride knowing that he comes from such a dynamic and vibrant heritage. This trip impacted our lives and highlighted the importance of being in touch with one’s roots. We were motivated to share and celebrate our vision when we came back home to Vancouver, Canada.

Both of us moved around often during our formative years, lived apart from our parents and family, which resulted in us being somewhat distant from our cultural roots. Reuniting with family and friends on the trip brought confirmation to our belief that it is important be in touch with one’s identity, cultural or otherwise. We believe it is important for us as humans to know where we came from to know where we are going.

We believe this lifestyle brand offers people of the African diaspora, specifically West Africa, the opportunity to get in touch with and be proud of their roots, while also inviting all other cultures to embrace the African flair and swag!

We believe in cultural celebration. Appreciation without appropriation. We journeying with you!